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100% of all donations are given to military veterans. If a business donates more then we can use for one party we will hold extra items until the next year. (e.g. one business donated over 1,000 cloth bags, so we gave out whatever was needed and held the rest until the next year).
  1.  To make your parties successful, you could file for tax exempt status with your accountant or go to
  2. There are numerous ways a business or organization
    1. might support the program.
    2. Might not be able to give money or items to donate, but still sends letters of thanks to the veterans.
    3. Sends personnel to help in different ways
    4. Helps out at the Christmas party
    5. Donates time outside of Christmas season to help veterans.
  3. Sends some kind of gifts to give to veterans.
  4. Since in some cities this might be a new type of program to help the veterans, many businesses might already donate to other worthwhile organizations to help their community. So you have to get them to know and understand your program. Invite them to the party to see what goes on.
  5.  Keep accurate records of whom you contacted for donations and what they donated, so you can contact them the next year (and to help with IRS rules and regulations–to include what a business donated).
  6.  Give the business that donates anything, something in return–to show the appreciation from the veterans.
  7.  The more effort you exert, the better and bigger your parties will become.


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