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If you would like to help to give Christmas presents to these true American heroes, e-mail us for information.

Or if any celebrities want to send something as simple as a thank you card, also shoot us an e-mail for the mailing address. (All information is strictly held confidential–e.g. mailing address and any type of personal information)


In the near future, we envision volunteers throughout the country–or even other countries–contacting us on how to set up a program like ours in their city. Maybe even getting a chapter going in every major city throughout this planet.
Here is something to share if you are interested in starting a program like this.

https://www.Heroescare.org (in the name of St. Louis Tribute to the Troops)

Let’s show these true American heroes we still care about them


We believe in paying respects to military veterans
past, present and future. Visits includes
Santa Claus (whom takes time out of his busy schedule).
We also attempt to get local and national celebrities
to either pay a visit or send words of thanks.

TO SHOW THESE RESIDENTS-whom served our country so
gallantly and fearlessly–THAT WE CARE AND THANK THEM

Military personnel of every kind should be given more and better respect then they are currently giving. They are far more important and are the true patriotic Americans. Federal government gives, very, very little to help military personnel. You know when a military member passes away the federal government only pays $255.00 for the burial, nothing more. There are many, many, many other instances like this as well. Even if you can only donate a dollar to the website, it is a dollar they did not have.


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